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Major Tournaments & Events

• Volley4Charity
Mid February every year. 5 Coed (1 women's) Rotating Pairs Tournaments at The Island & Oasis, 100% of registration fees & auction money raised goes towards 2 charities, The Joshua School for Autism & The Children's Diabetes Foundation www.Volley4Charity.com

• Beach Bash Doubles Sand
 @ The Island www.BeachBashDoubles.com

• Beach Bash Doubles Grass
@ Washington & Harvard Gulch Park www.BeachBashDoubles.com

• Steamboat Doubles

• Mile High Trips

• Mile High Juniors

• Snowmass Doubles

• Breckenridge Doubles

• Oasis Classic Doubles

• Fraser Valley Doubles


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Tournament Formats:

• Coed 4x4 Rotating Pairs Tournament. These tournaments are a great way to meet and play with teams of all levels. The format is simple and more importantly fun! You will sign up with a coed partner and play coed 4's all night, but you keep the same partner and rotate which couple you play with and against. Generally teams will play 8-11 games over a 5-6 hour time frame.

• Coed, Women’s or Men’s 2x2: The are 2x2 doubles tournaments. You sign up with your own partner for the best suited division of your skill level. We generally run pool play where you will play everyone within your pool 1-2 games apiece. There is an elimination bracket that follows pool play to determine thwinners and prizes.

• King/ Queen of the Beach: These tournaments, you do not sign up with a partner. Typically they run 4 hours, where you get 9 games of 2x2 games in. Great way to meet other players of similar skill level, especially new players to Denver.

I have read through the new event guidelines put out by the state and have combined it with our facility policies. The good news is it’s possible to have events again. The bad news is it will be hard, there will be very strict rules to follow, and it will cost more to have the party at the Oasis than the original agreement states. The additional cost will be based on number of attendees and include additional staffing/cleaning products/set up/tear down. Please know that additional cost is all based on hard cost that will be incurred to follow these strict guidelines, the Oasis would love to host your event but cannot without following these guidelines. Below I have a breakdown of all the things we will need to do, you will need to do, and guest will need to do. I encourage you to read through and discuss whether your group wants to move forward or not. If your group wants to move forward we will need to set up a phone call to go through details so I can get you the additional costs. If your group does not want to move forward I will process a refund for the deposit.


I appreciate your patience over this unusual time in life. Please feel free to email or call me with any questions.


  1. Limit capacity to 100 people

·         If capacity is reached we will operate on a 1 out 1 in basis

·         Oasis will provide staffing at entrance and exit

  1. Everyone MUST wear a mask

·         Masks not required while sitting at a table or playing volleyball

·         Masks required all other times

·         Staff will be reminding upon entrance and during event

·         Oasis reserves the right to ask guests to leave if not following mask policy

  1. One entrance and one exit
  2. Hand washing required upon entrance and encourage frequently

·         Oasis will provide sanitizing stations at entrance/exit and throughout the facility

  1. No buffet or self service food/beverage

·         Food must be served at table

·         All beverages must be purchased from the Oasis bar

·         Food trucks may be an option (would need to figure out a enter/exit for guests getting food separate from main entrance/exit)

  1. Every guest will need to sign a waiver when entering the facility

·         Oasis will provide waiver material and staff to collect

·         This could cause backup while entering the facility

·         Staggering arrival times may be required to avoid mass amounts of people waiting to get in

  1. Physical distancing will need to be observed

·         Staff will be reminding guest before/during event

  1. Common touch points must be disinfected often

·         Staff will be disinfecting frequently during event

  1. Assigned tables is preferred for all guests

·         Every time a table turns over it must be disinfected

·         Mingling is discouraged but when it happens social distancing is required

·         Depending on number of attendees, tables/chairs will be placed in the sand for required distancing

  1. Paths to common areas will be designated one way

·         Common areas include dining area/restrooms/volleyball courts

·         Staff will be positioned to direct guests

  1. Volleyball will be available on certain courts

·         Everyone playing volleyball will need to sign a separate waiver

·         This waiver will need to be signed each time a person plays

·         This allows us to track who was on each court at the same time

·         If anyone under the age of 18 is invited a parent will need to sign an online waiver ahead of time if not in attendance

  1. Personal decorations may be limited or not allowed depending on the timing of the event (if time allows it will be allowed)
  2. No hugs, high fives, or handshakes allowed (this one is tough, I know)

Disclaimer: The Oasis reserves the right to change, expand, or alter the above within a reasonable at anytime


Contact The Oasis

The Oasis
2400 W. Midway Blvd.,
Broomfield, CO 80020
Phone: 303-466-1760
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.       
Web: oasisvolleyball.com
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Contact The Island

The Island
2233 S. Geneva St.,
Denver, CO 80247
Phone: 303-745-2255
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: islandbeachvolleyball.com
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Contact VOTR

Volleyball of the Rockies
2233 S. Geneva St.,
Denver, CO 80247
Phone: 303-745-2255
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: votr.com
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